About Us

Welcome to ThinkSmith, where Transformation meets Opportunity!

In the post-COVID workplace shift, an opportunity arose. ThinkSmith’s journey began with groundbreaking engagement tech, showing students could boost peers’ academics by 17%. It instilled confidence, accountability, and teamwork, earning co-founder Leslie Richards an honorary PhD from the Crown Princess of Thailand.

However, we didn’t stop there. We set our sights on the corporate world and recognized a glaring issue: the nebulous gap between goals and results. Believing employees possessed untapped potential similar to that seen in higher education, we expanded our bottom-up framework. This approach harnesses the latent knowledge within employees’ minds to identify and prioritize hidden gaps in plain sight. Once these gaps are pinpointed, employees are engaged to collaboratively solve the company’s challenges.

This bold workplace transformation aligns outcome-based technology with traditional KPIs and objective-based goal-setting. This unique solution enhances employee knowledge and skills by leveraging each individual’s expertise and combining it with that of others. The result? Scalable buy-in and transfer of knowledge and skills. Complex issues like cross-functional alignment, process improvement, and micro-innovations are all elevated through the collective wisdom of employees, benefitting both the company and its workforce.

At ThinkSmith, we’re redefining the future of work by bridging the gap between goals and results, unlocking the true potential of every employee, and fostering a purposeful workplace experience. Join us on this transformative journey!

Our Team

Paul Kleinknecht

CEO & Co-Founder

Leslie Richards

Co-Founder & Architect

Phichit Sophakan

Diane Slater

Senior Educational
Consultant & Strategist